Aged 10- 19 years



Growth spurt of well-teen


A transition from a child to an adult.
Now growing even taller than mommy and daddy.
It is a time to encourage and guide both their body and mind to the right path.

Growing spurts ㅣ Growing posture ㅣ General check-ups ㅣ
Legs and knees Discomfort ㅣ Immune circulationㅣAnxietyㅣ Depression

Teens Posture Care



A correct posture for a developing teen,

a right path to a proper self-esteem


Q. Why should I choose Osteo Care for my growing teen?

Teenagers go through a period that we’ve all been through—hormone fluctuation, physical transformation, and emotional changes. These sudden alterations to the body may put a lot of stress on a teen’s body and sometimes cause pain or discomfort without a single probable cause. This is why to treat such an issue, a comprising care is needed. Osteopathy can work on the entire body to relieve stress on the muscles, tendons, and joints with a gentle massage, or enhance blood circulation and lymphatic vessels to accommodate the influx of hormones.


Apart from physical health, a teenager might need somebody other than his/her parents to discuss sensitive matters such as body transformation, impulses, and other concerns. We can give helpful advices accumulated over years of experiences with variety of patients, while at the same time maintaining the safe standard of confidentiality for the teen to feel secure and respected.


Q. Is posture important?

It cannot be stressed enough. Adolescence is the life’s peak time of growth and development. A proper posture and exercise will serve as an important foundation for healthy and natural growth.


Q, How does ‘Osteo Posture’ and ‘Osteo Exercise’ help?

As the body undergoes a sudden growth spurt and develops during this period, the mind will go through development as well. By learning body’s proper posture and maintaining that posture through proper care, a growing teen will naturally embrace a proper mindset. An opportunity to transform the body through exciting, yet helpful exercises—seize it today with ‘Premium Postural Exercise Program’ for adolescents!



 Osteo Posture  ㅣ  The right motivation for proper posture, we will help maintain it joyfully as a lifetime investment. 

Osteo Exercise ㅣ   By using variety of exercise equipment, we can have fun while at the same time learn how to correctly balance the body.will go through an exciting and joyful premium exercise program to maintain a correctly balanced body.

Posture Check,

Posture Education,
Posture Change,

Movement Cheack

Growing Posture



“Adolescence is the most influential transformation period of the body and mind in our lifetime. A proper and natural posture will become the biggest corner stone of development to a healthy and mature adult.”


-Dr. Joseph Kim, DO, PhD

Personalized posture transformation through 

37 types of Premium, Scientific Exercises


Healthy, well-balanced posture control



Development-Care Program


An emphasis on maintaining a proper posture of both the mind and the body, habituation of posture care is the best competitiveness to be offered. 

Dr. Joseph Kim’s postural education and exercise has a known reputation among international schools and numerous parents in the nation.

Started by the domestic French international schools, American and British School students and teachers were invited to joyfully learn the proper posture together with Dr. Kim.

Now, it is your turn to be part of our community for a proper, balanced posture to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your teenager and form a stable relationship that will impact both of your lives for a lifetime. 

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