Osteo Check-ups


Initial Consultation
             1 Hour  ㅣ200,000 - 230,000 KRW (General check-up)
         1 Hour  ㅣ530,000 KRW (Individulised Requirement)

Firstly, we listen to your story and ask questions ㅣ To know Subjective Symptoms
Then, we check your posture and explain what we see ㅣTo Check Objective Causes
Finally, we start a customized osteo session ㅣ To Manage Causes of Symptoms 

                                           25 mins ㅣ 100,000 - 120,000 KRW (General)
                                           55 mins ㅣ 200,000 - 230,000 KRW (General)
                                           60 mins ㅣ
 530,000 KRW ( Individualised Requirement)

Depending on your conditions and body reactions,
we will have a short- or long-term plan 



Most private insurance schemes cover Osteo but individual policies may vary. Should you like to be served under insurance cover, please contact your insurer to find out their requirements. International Insurance covering Osteo: AXA, Cigna,GEO BLUE, Tricare, GMC, CFE, Aetna, , Allianz, Bupa, AVIVA, PRUHEALTH, etc