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Growing Kids & Posture

Aged 4- 9 years



Well-growing for my precious child


From a baby to a boy, girl
A beautiful growth of my child
Having a correct posture to maintaining a happy habit,

it will be the greatest investment.

Growing spurts ㅣ Growing posture ㅣ General check-ups ㅣ
Legs and knees Discomfort ㅣ Immune circulationㅣ Constipation ㅣ 

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Kids Posture Care

A correct posture for a developing child,

a lifetime-worth investment

Q. Why choose Osteo care for my growing child?


Every parent will indisputably agree that the most important quality of childcare is health. Osteo works together with the child to fully prevent any illnesses in the first place, or enhance the recovery process through stimulation of the lymphatic system. Osteo care strengthens the child’s immune system to be able to fight off an infection by him/herself, even before it affects the child!

Osteo is the science of joints. It can help reduce growing pain caused by inflammation in the joints. Stretching and massaging to reduce inflammation, Osteo aims to increase the blood flow to surrounding tissues of the joints to ease the pain for the child and make sure he/she is going through a proper growth.

Also, Osteo care helps enhance the blood flow and nerve supply to the brain, which means it can help a child learn more effectively. A more efficient education and a boosted health, you can catch both birds with one stone—or one care, Osteo!

Q. Is posture important?


Of course! It is extremely important for proper growth. A proper posture will help the development of balanced muscles and provide a smoother, more natural movement of the body.

Q, How does ‘Osteo Posture’ and ‘Osteo Exercise’ help?


Perhaps the most important achievement of a child’s proper development will be the education of a proper posture. Acquiring and practicing a good habit will become a lifetime investment for the child. While facing child education, it is important to teach the child joyfully—let’s try to have fun while we practice proper posture!

Children will experience the importance of the posture through their body during postural exercises. This exercise will enhance flexibility and provide the ‘fun’ in exercising for the children to experience.

Q. How do I maintain a good posture for the child?


It will be important to continuously communicate with the child and show a good posture yourself to encourage maintaining one for the child. However, this is easier said than done, and we completely understand. This is why we are awarding a certification for children who complete their postural exercise program at our centre. We hope that this will encourage children to learn a lifetime lesson of achievement and leave a mark of an unforgettable experience to be framed on the wall.

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Child Development-Care Program
Posture care with posture education to let kids remember.  

Dr. Joseph Kim’s postural education and exercise is already widely recognized within international schools and parents community.

Started by the domestic French international schools, American and British School students and teachers were invited to joyfully learn the proper posture together with Dr. Kim.

Now, it is your turn to be part of our community for a proper, balanced posture to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your children. 

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