Well-being after your delivery



Nature-centered postpartum, happy child care


A premium postpartum program for the baby and mom.
Helpful for a joyful breast feeding and
An encouragement for a healthy well-childcare postural program


Post-partum Backache ㅣ Pelvic Discomfort ㅣ Neck & Shoulder Discomfort ㅣ Depression  ㅣ Fatigue ㅣ Weaken Muscles ㅣ Posture Changes



Q. Why choose the nature-centered ‘Osteo Posture’ after birth?
A. For a proper ‘return’ to your body, a gift for you and your baby.

After birth, the relaxin hormone which allowed flexibility in the joints begins to simmer down, and the elongated muscles and ligaments will return to their respective places. It is very important to take plenty of rest and not apply unnecessary pressure to the joints by doing heavy-liftings or leaning forward too much.


However, ranging from breast feeding to changing the diapers, the mother will grow tired from all the tedious duties no matter how prepared she was. After some time, the elasticity of the muscles and the ligaments decrease, and the joints will not be able to return to its correct position. This is the time when a mother’s body, which was lean before, transforms into more than unrecognizable body shape.


A time for the muscles and ligaments to recover their elasticity, and a time to help the joints in my precious body to return to its place—these are must-have’s after birth. The effort invested at this period will have a lifetime impact. We are already aware of our upper generation’s lasting grief from being too busy to experience a proper postpartum care in the past.


Child care after birth can be draining.

As this continues, the stress and a dispirited mind from the fatigue will influence the baby


The secret to a healthy immune system for the baby is the direct influence from the mother’s healthy recovery after birth.


To set a proper posture through professional guidance after birth, and to have a joyful experience all the while—‘Osteo Posture’ and ‘Osteo Exercise’

are the perfect options for the necessary care every mothers need.

Happiness and value comes from the ‘smiles of healthy mothers’

Exercise for me and the baby inside.

Pregnancy and birth of European mothers, as well as a place to share and talk about childcare.

Welcome to Seoul International Osteo Nature Mom&Baby Center.

Introduction to Premium Programs


 Osteo Posture  ㅣ  A premium 1:1 posture care to help return to the normal positioning of the transformed body.

Osteo Exercise ㅣ   Personalized premium exercise program to maintain balance to the birth body.


Personalized posture transformation through 

37 types of Premium, Scientific Exercises


Healthy, well-balanced posture control


 “Just as the baby is born, my body must be born again with a better ‘return’ after birth. To form a natural posture during the ‘Golden time’ after birth, and to maintain that posture as a stay-home or a working mother—that is the true priceless gift you can give to your body in a lifetime.”

-Dr. Joseph Kim, DO PhD

World’s only, personalized Care

Posture Check,

Posture Education,

Posture Change.


Postpartum Osteo Care Program


Care service with reputation known to European

mothers living in Korea is coming to mothers who

seek true health value.

You will receive step by step coaching in exercise and in proper posture alignment as well as perfect formation of desirable posture after birth.

Nature-centered care may be slow, but it is an honest and approach to the changes in the body to create a correct balance.

100 days after birth is considered the Golden Time when you can form a natural posture. Just as birth is a gift from God for the hard work, this is a precious time we can return with a better posture. To create a joyful and participating nature-centered posture, this is the secret of the long lasting tradition of premium postpartum care in Europe and in the Great Britain.

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