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Posture for Musicians



Posture for musicians


Composing music and moving the audience through songs

or pieces at either a live stage or at an orchestra.
However, there is another duty that musicians must allow themselves—their health

Musician Posture Care

Proper posture—an even deeper performance

Q. Why is osteopathy useful for musicians?

The demands of musical practice and performance can be straining, especially for professional musicians. Any injuries can have a significant impact on the musician’s ability to play or sing. Osteo can help musicians by utilizing rehabilitative, non-invasive methods to stretch, massage, and adjust muscles and joints for a better quality performance. Also, an early diagnosis possible through a holistic scan from Osteo care can protect musicians from preventable future injuries.

Q. Is posture important?

Dr. Joseph Kim: “I took care of postures of many musicians in London. Let me give you an example. A violinist who regularly performed on BBC classic comes into mind. She told me that since the sound from the instrument resonated within the body as she played, the quality of sound depended on her body condition. I loosened the tension in her neck and shoulders, spread her torso, and aligned her back, and she told me she had a much better experience playing in those long, drawn out ensembles. She told me that her secret to the happier life of a musician is practice in the correct posture, get plenty of rest, and take rigorous care of the body and mind.

Q, How does ‘Osteo Posture’ help?

Dr. Joseph Kim: “Depending on what instruments you use or what type of position you work in, all musicians are unique in what they do and require different treatments tailored to their circumstances. I can observe what repetitive movements are used from your instrument or stance and work together to form a proper, natural posture. Hopefully, you will be able to maintain a correctly balanced body to prevent any future injury that could impact the quality of your performance.

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