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Prenatal Osteo Care

Well-being 9 months

Prenatal Osteo Care


" I had a back ache during my pregnancy and post pregnancy.

The osteo was very helpful and professional and sorted my back ache out

completely. I can't recommend it enough." 


- Elizabeth V. (British Embassy Seoul)

" I started the osteo during my third pregnancy, with preexisting back and pelvic

troubles (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: SPD). Within a few sessions my body felt

more aligned, my pain was managed and I felt strong and prepared for my delivery.

This was my healthiest and least painful pregnancy ~ I wish I had found Dr. Joseph sooner!


-  Beth H. R. (Doula at Mediflower)

" The osteo was exceptionally helpful to me during my second pregnancy.

It made for a better and healthier pregnancy with less stress on my back and neck

and also my mind. I would highly recommend Dr Joseph to those who are seeking a gentler and less invasive technique to address spinal discomfort and pain. He also gave guidance on posture and helped me realign my body posture to prevent back pain!


-  Mukulika A. (Lawyer and lecturer in Seoul)

Prenatal Posture

Any imbalance within the pelvis and pelvic ligaments may affect the position of the baby. We use gentle approach to correct this prenatal posture for better and natural birth.



  • Overloads on spine

  • Pressures on pelvis

  • Increase in abdomen

  • Congestion of body fluids

  • Increased tension in the neck 

  • Hyperactive sympathetics

  • Spinal pain and misalignment

  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

  • Breech position of baby

  • Nausea

  • Swelling

  • Headache

  • Physical & Emotional Fatigues




  • Balance on spine

  • Balance on pelvis

  • Better space for baby

  • Good circulations of the body fluids

  • Comfort neck and shoulders

  • Active parasympathetics

  • Natural birth

  • Confident birth

  • No fear of pain but control the causes of pain

  • Good baby position

  • Good pelvic alignment

  • Good spinal alignmen

  • Emotional strength

Why Osteo

The most valuable investment for me and the baby!

A confident and comfort natural birth preparation with Osteo Prenatal Care.

At onset of 20 weeks into pregnancy, the baby will begin to grow exponentially. It will weigh more, grow taller, shift around, and start to respond to variety of stimulations. 

This is when the body undergoes a natural transformation.
To support the growing house of the baby, the lower back will go through a lot of strain. Also, the pelvis will have to gradually expand sideways in order to make more room for the baby.

At this time of transformation, it is crucial for the mother to strengthen the muscles in the lower back and stabilize the movements of the pelvis. This is because the mother’s warm and secure womb, which can be seen as the baby’s first love house, is made up of sturdy pelvis as a base and a robust spine as a column.

Weak back muscles will cause overuse of muscles in the neck and the shoulder and may impose the weight that the back must support to the knees and the ankles. Furthermore, during pregnancy, a hormone called ‘relaxin’ which softens the ligaments is secreted greatly. Therefore, if too much weight is imposed on the joints, the stability of the joints will decrease due to ligament laxity. This will cause the small muscles neighboring the affected joint to tense up in place of the ligaments.

In order to adapt to the natural transformation of the body during pregnancy, maintaining a correct posture is emphasized. Additionally, it is important to strengthen the muscles to withstand the increasing weight of the baby.

 “Caring for pregnancy and the birth process—the 9 months journey is a special gift of life and a privilege given to heal the body and mind. Once you integrate a natural posture for you and your baby and make natural movements to set that posture, pregnancy will become the most beautiful memory of your life”

- Dr.Joseph Kim, DO PhD

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