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What we believe

Beginning of Life

Our Body is God’s beautiful design.
Our Spirit’s form is in God’s image.
Our Mind’s freedom is a gift from God.

Role of the Body

Our body houses our spirit.
Our body moves together with our mind.
Our body undergoes growth and development to live a single life.

Natural Healing Force  & Posture

The greatest force in the human body

is the natural drive of the body to cure and heal itself. 

This natural healing force is a gift given to the body by God.

The force become maximized when the physical body is in natural posture.

Role of the Centre

 To help our body maintain a natural posture,
To help our body form a joyful movement,
To be the world’s best in instilling joy in the spirit

of the body and the mind.

"Osteo Care provides a better environment for the body

to cure and heal itself by improving the physical posture"


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