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오스테오파시 조셉킴박사 osteopath

My First Osteo Session 

        At OsteoNatureCentre  



0-36 months

My precious baby’s first Osteo care


First time meeting mommy and daddy in the outside world
Now it’s time to bravely move, sit, stand, and walk independently
With the help and encouragement of Osteo program.

Growing spurts ㅣ Colicky discomfort ㅣ General check-ups ㅣ

Head shape ㅣ Immune reaction ㅣ Crying ㅣ Insomnia


Q. Is the baby’s posture important?


Of course. In fact, very. Baby’s lying posture will greatly impact its head formation, future development, and muscle balance.

Q. Then what is the proper posture for a baby?


The baby cannot stand, nor sit down by itself; therefore, we must focus on the lying posture of the baby. A good baby posture is in which the baby’s head, the body, and the general direction is not tilted to one side, but a well-balanced body pattern equal on both sides.

Q. What influences the baby’s posture?


Many factors that we do not normally think about influence the posture of the baby. Babies have a tendency to be attracted to bright stimulations such as sunlight, so if they are placed in the same location every day, they will tilt their necks to only one side.

Similarly, breast feeding the baby in a fixed position, or the daddy or a family member holding the baby in a same way could create an asymmetrical body pattern for the baby. Small daily life factors like these can create unbalance in the baby’s body.

Q. How does ‘Osteo Posture’ help the baby?


We observe every little movement of the baby to figure out the baby’s moving pattern together with the parents. We then apply few gentle physical stimulations to draw out the joyful movements of the baby. Through this process, we help the baby form its own body balance by itself.
For example, newborns develop their eye muscles quicker than the neck muscles; meaning, they will look with their eyes before turning to see with their necks. Therefore, the babies will be given visual stimulations to lead into a smooth movement of the neck. The heart of this exercise is to help baby form flexible fluid movements.

Q. What is the benefit of a good baby posture?


Beyond whatever you have in mind. Along with a proper development, a correct posture helps the lymph nodes play a role in building a strong immunity. The benefit of the exercise has already been widely studied and published; therefore, the baby will experience all the known effects through its first exercise. The external musculoskeletal structure has been designed perfectly to work together with the internal functions. The baby’s joyful movement and exercise will ensure that their muscles and bones are developing and growing properly.




Development Program


Even more meaningful baby posture time with parent participation.

Until the age of three, children who receive plenty of affection from parents develop a strong self-esteem. Similarly, there are reports that state good ‘physical’ posture plays its role in boosting self-esteem and happiness.

Filled with curiosity, the baby will develop the eye muscles first to observe the big wide world. Next, the neck and the back muscles develop to allow the baby to look around and explore. Fighting against the unseen gravity, our baby will take its first independent step in life.

Natural transformation happens to accommodate a child’s first step into the world. Our nature-centered baby posture program discusses with the parents about natural development and utilizes sight, hearing, and gentle touch to heighten the child’s senses. This way, we can increase the physical and emotional stability and help develop a proper posture—in a natural way!

0% chemicals, no machinery, just 100% nature friendly postural care exercise program with parent participation is a unique and extremely valuable experience. It is a program popular within the European mother community. At once in lifetime infancy, we offer a very special gift to you and your baby.

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