Beyond the best

We feel responsible for all people to keep a better posture. Allowing the body's structure

to be in its natural state of harmony - we can give your body space to heal. 

We are Korea's first, and only, international Osteopathic Care Centre. We strive to provide the world's top quality Osteopathic health service. Here at the centre, we have served customers coming from 50 different countries, and over 15 are from European countries.

Ranging from newborn to teens, expecting mothers, athletes, artists, musicians, and parents, we welcome a variety of customers. We offer personalized services fit for the need of each individual customer. Not only do we solve the symptoms, but we address the source of the issue by communicating with the customer and thoroughly scanning the body.

We want to focus on helping customers grow the strength to overcome the symptoms by themselves rather than just alleviating them. Through meticulous and continuous guidance, we give customers the care they need to maintain a healthy, balanced life.

It may not be easy take a step of dedication as you stay in an unfamiliar area like here in Korea. But if you choose to walk with us at Osteo Nature Centre, we promise you it will be one of the best opportunities to lead a healthy life for you and your family during your stay in Korea.

We are

An international centre visited by expats from

+50 different countries

+30 international schools and colleges in Korea

+30 embassies in Seoul

+50 international companies

"My posture has improved significantly and my original low back problem has

completely disappeared. Even though I have moved to Japan, I still return for visits to the centre"."

- Mark Sheldon-Allen

(VP / Managing Director | Asia at TaylorMade Golf)

Help the body form a natural posture in the most “natural” way, no strings attached.

Accomplished by a well thought-out Nature Centered Program prepared just for you

"On a visit to Seoul Korea to see a new grand baby my daughter raved about the osteo care. She said it was the best osteo care she had ever had. The team helped her through a very difficult pregnancy and of course the follow up care was also great. As an expat in Seoul it's nice to know that my daughter and her family have reliable physical care.

- Solange Trudel (Canada)

Not to ‘treat patients’, but a centre that promotes posture to ‘healthy people’ through premium Wellness & Well-living Programs. 

The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal. Osteo Care provides a better environment for the body to heal itself.

"Osteo Nature Centre has the best care for physical wellness.

I had the best osteo session in Seoul. Originally from Spain, I am a doctor

and pain researcher based in New York, and I strongly recommend this place to all expats, especially those from Spain."


- Dr. Salva Sierra , MD PhD (New York)

A loving community where locals and expats share and communicate a healthy lifestyle,
filled with information on childcare, international Women’s Meeting, friendly sports, international children arts, music, and physical education for foreign moms.

"J'ai commence mon travail de re-education avec Jospeh apres m'etre fait opéré

du ligament antérieur et du menisque de mon genou. Son programme et ses conseils m'ont permis de récupérer rapidement et de recommencer a faire du sport de facon intensive a peine 9 mois apres mon operation sans 

douleur ou inconfort. La bonne humeur et la capacite d'écoute et d'empathie

de Joseph ont fait de nos rendez-vous un moment agréable et éducatif.

Je le recommanderais les yeux fermés."


- Matthieu A. (From Paris)

Published number of theses to globally accepted journals (SCI) and have experience in hosting an international conference. Developing a nature-centered program based on scientific evidence backed through network of international research is another vision and joy we embrace.

The Space

We invite you to this space to enjoy your healthy life in Korea

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