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First and leading osteopathic Institute in Korea

Korean Osteopathic Institute

Korean Osteopathic Institute


The Korean Osteopathic Institute (KOI) is the first and only osteopathic education institution in Korea with a structured education programme, which follows the 'Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy', the guideline of World Health Organization (2010). KOI has presented few historical ostepathic conferences by inviting British, Irish and French osteopaths to introduce osteopathic medicine to the medical professionals in South Korea such as medical doctors, dentists, oriental medical dotors, and physiotherapist. 


KOI is internationally regarded as one of the Asia’s best specialist osteopathic education institutions. KOI was founded in Seoul in 2011 by the first Korean osteopath trained and registered in UK, Byungho Joseph Kim and his first student taught in Korea, Junghoon Ahn. During its short history, KOI has become a Asia leader in osteopathic education and research in collaboration with metropolitan hospitals and medical colleges in Korea.


The first and only osteopathic institute in Korea


Mission Statement


The Korean Osteoapthic Institute (KOI) seeks to provide medical professionals in Korea and Asia with the highest quality osteopathic education programmes enable them to practice evidence-based ostepathic medicine. KOI provides leadership in osteopathic education, research and health care in Korea and Asian countries.

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