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Asia-Pacific Research Center for Integrated Medicine 

Providing leadership and unity in research development of integrated medicine

in Asia-Pacific countries.

Research Advisors 

& Research Collaborators


Prof. Dae Kim, MD, PhD

Wessex Endocrine Center, UK

Spire Portsmouth Hospital, UK


Mr. Terence McSweeney, DO

Swansea University, UK


Mr. Thibault Schula, DO

Collge of Sutherland, France


Prof. Sungjae Lee, MD, PhD

Integrate Medical Center,

Korea University Hospital, Korea


Prof. Bumchul Yoon, PT, PhD

Applied Neuro-dynamic Laboratory,

Korea University, Korea


Research Areas:


  • Integrated medicine

  • Osteopathic medicine

  • Prevention and Rehabilitation

  • Paediatrics & Immunology


Recent Research Presentation


  • Oral Presentation, 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Public Health, Seoul (2014)

  • Oral Presentation, International Congress of Osteoapthy, Milan (2013)


Recent Guest Speaking


  • Guest speaker, Research Conference of The Korean Research Pain Society (2013)

  • Guest speaker, The 55th Scientific Meeting of The Korean Pain Society (2012)

  • Guest speaker, Research Conference of The Korean Research Pain Society (2012)


Research Award


  • 'The Best Research Presentation',  Award of the Minister of The Ministry  of Health and Welfare, 2013


Our research is constantly evolving so please contact us if you have an interest in an area not specifically mentioned here.


APRCIM research projects


At the Asia-Pacific Research Center for Integrated Medicine (APRCIM) providing leadership and unity in research development of integrated medicine in Asia-Pacific countries, we are currently focused on several broad research areas either independently or in co-operation with other professionals, bodies or colleagues around the world.




Ongoing projects


  • Spinal surgery and following post-operative rehabilitation with osteopathic manipulative treatment.

  • Use of integrated medicine for women with early-stage breast cancer

  • Multi-countries project: Low back pain and osteoapthic treatment




Recent Journal Publications 


 Kim et al. (2014)Rehabilitation with osteopathic manipulative treatment                                                after lumbar disc surgery: A randomized, controlled pilot study. 

International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Published online.


 Kim et al. (2014).  Early individualised manipulative rehabilitation without                                            activity restrictions following lumbar open laser microdiscectomy improves

 early post-operative functional disability. 

Journal of Back and Muscular Rehabilitation. Accepted manuscript.


Kim et al. (2015).  Forest trip as an adjuvant anti-cancer therapy for 

women with breast cancer to enhance NK cell activation.

European Journal of Integrative Medicine. Under reviewing.

Research Hub By 2020

Research Hub By 2020

Research on Integrated Medicine.

Public Health Guideline

Public Health Guideline

Presenting a evidence based strategy for low back pain at the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference, Seoul

Global network

Global network

Internationally sharing the idea

Collaborative & Creative

Collaborative & Creative

Sharing health cultures and producing optimal way for improving health

International Congress Presentation

International Congress Presentation

Presented the effects of osteopathic treatment following spinal surgery

Surgery + Conservative

Surgery + Conservative

We think a patient centered care to find out an optimal strategy.


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