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Formulated by nation’s best instructors 






Beyond respiration, strengthening and movement;

a high quality purpose-driven program

Osteo Rehab Pilates—the unique experience

Here are three points why ‘Osteo Pilates’ stands out from other

normal Pilates program—as a starter, it’s the nation’s first and only!

‘Osteo Pilates’ is beyond just simple respiration and movement techniques; it is a premium Pilates developed to correctly form a natural and correct balance to the body.

It focuses on any obstruction that impedes the circulation of fluids within the body including lymphatic, blood and cerebrospinal circulations. It is aimed at at releasing

strains and stresses that have accumulated over many years, thus improving circulation to all parts of the body. 

‘Osteo Pilates’ focuses on slow, minimal movement of the body complemented with composed respiration rather than wide, straining maneuvers stressing on dynamics.

‘Osteo Pilates’ not only relaxes and strengthens the core muscles, which is usually the only thing accomplished by other programs, it locates the unused muscles and brings about balance to restore harmony and the correct nature of the body.

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